We plug into the tools your
team already trust.

No need to pivot to a new system or change how you work. Save time on capturing meeting summaries, updating your boards, communicating with stakeholders and continuously improving.

Microsoft Teams

Turn conversations in Teams into defined tasks and decisions, effortlessly transforming talk into action.


Bring MYPOP into your Zoom meetings to capture key discussions and decisions. Your meeting summaries and action items are instantly organized and accessible.

Google Meet (Coming Soon)

One click connects Google Meet sessions for seamless capture of important points from various agile ceremonies.

Cisco Webex (Coming Soon)

Integrates into your Webex meetings to streamline agile processes with instant summaries.


Integrates into Trivoh video communication and collaboration solution to help improve and facilitate your Agile meetings


Receive concise summaries and recommended tickets in Slack, tailored for each team channel and direct messaging for personal to-do lists.

Confluence (Coming Soon)

Document meeting highlights in Confluence, tagging key decisions and action items for transparency and follow-up..

Notion (Coming Soon)

Aggregate your meeting outcomes in Notion, complete with decision logs and assigned action items.

Google Docs (Coming Soon)

Synthesize your meeting insights into a Google Doc, providing clarity on decisions and responsibilities..


Directly link Jira discussions from your meetings to MYPOP summaries for an integrated view of tasks and issues.

ClickUP (Coming Soon)

Enhance your ClickUp experience with MYPOP. Manage tasks and updates based on your team’s discussions with a single click.

Trello (Coming Soon)

Link your Trello discussions directly to MYPOP summaries. Get smart ticket suggestions and update Trello boards with one-click approval.

Asana (Coming Soon)

Connect MYPOP to Asana to align meeting actions with tasks. Coming soon: Receive task recommendations based on your discussions and update your Asana backlog effortlessly

Monday.com (Coming Soon)

Connect MYPOP to Monday.com to align meeting actions with tasks. Coming soon: Receive task recommendations based on your discussions and update your Mondays backlog effortlessly


Integrate your GitHub workflow for a smoother development cycle. Manage issues and pull requests with actionable insights from your meetings.

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