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Welcome to MYPOP.ai, where we make continuous improvement measurable and real. Our platform boosts efficiency for remote and hybrid teams by providing an AI Agent For Product Teams.. Seamlessly integrated with your project management, chat, communication, and developer tools via APIs. 


Powered by our proprietary intelligence built on 10 years of agile experience. Acting as a personal trainer, mentor, and advisor, coaching teams to improve daily while facilitating their everyday operational needs.

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Our commitment to our

We’re committed to your success, overcoming barriers of distance, culture, and time zones. MYPOP enhances team collaboration with seamless integration, optimizing workflows and productivity through continuous improvement recommendations.

Accelerate Business Growth

Improve meeting outcomes across the organization to increase revenue, retain customers, hire talent, and expand operations. By leveraging MYPOP’s AI-driven insights and seamless integration, you can enhance team productivity, streamline workflows, and achieve your business goals more efficiently.

Improve Team Efficiency and Productivity

Implement intuitive tools that streamline workflows, foster collaboration, and provide actionable insights. MYPOP integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, ensuring all team members are aligned and informed.

Detect Risks Early

Highlight blockers and potential risks early with MYPOP’s intelligent insights, enabling proactive management and resolution.

Drive Continuous Improvement

Provide a cutting-edge platform that adapts to evolving business needs, driving continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Our Story

After ten years with agile teams, we’ve learned that success comes from continual progress. 

MYPOP.ai harnesses this belief, enhancing efficiency through AI-driven tools and integration.

Meet our leadership team

Linda Essumai founded MYPOP after a decade in Agile development, including her role as Head of Agile at one of the Big 4 global consulting firms. Agile practices weren’t built for cross time zones, cultures, and disparate tools. As teams transitioned from Zoom calls to Slack chats to Confluence documentation, while developers worked on GitHub, Linda recognized the inefficiencies in hybrid and remote work environments. Motivated by these challenges, Linda invested her personal savings and expertise into creating MYPOP. Today, MYPOP is a dynamic platform enabling seamless team facilitation and continuous improvement, whether your team is remote, in the office, or on a beach in Bali.

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