Streamline Your Management Meetings with MYPOP

For project, product, programme managers, team lead and operational managers as well as executives

Automated Meeting Notes

Keep your team informed and focused during discussions with MYPOP’s automated notes. Capture transcripts, action items, and crucial meeting insights without missing a beat in the conversation.

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Effortless Post-Meeting Collaboration.

MYPOP simplifies follow-ups by automatically documenting and internalizing knowledge from key meetings, whether it’s an all-hands, design review, or daily scrum. Everything is logged seamlessly into your project management system.

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Accelerate Leadership Decisions

MYPOP helps your leadership team cut through the noise, providing clear insights into decision-making processes across your organization.

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Cultivate a Transparent Culture

Enhance meeting transparency with MYPOP. Create a cohesive culture by ensuring all team members are aligned and informed, eliminating the need to repeat information.

Utilize our decade of intelligence to continuously improve your team’s communication and processes.

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